Sunday, February 10, 2013

Homeschool Activity Book

We're not actual homeschoolers.  We haven't registered with the state or anything like that, and I don't follow one specific curriculum  but I do try to be as purposeful with our days at home as possible.  One thing that has been awesome for us and fun for Rylea is the activity book I've made for her over the past year.

I got a regular 3-ring binder and filled it with sheet protectors like these:
 And then I got her some small dry erase markers like these:

Then I printed out a bunch of worksheets, letter tracing, coloring sheets, pattern worksheets, etc. from various sites around the internet and put those into the page protectors.  Now, Rylea can write and color on those with her markers and erase them and do it over and over again.  She has great control with her markers now and recognizes most letters.  I try and sit with her daily to do some writing and letter practice, but, some days it just doesn't happen at all and some days I let her get her book out on her own and do what she wants from it.
Sugarplum Cuties: Homeschool Activity Book
 The worksheet above is from Worksheet Works.  You can type in any word or letter or number or whatever you want and then it will creat a PDF worksheet for you to print out and let your kiddo practice on.  It's really awesome.  You can also choose print or cursive and there are a bunch of other options too.

Sugarplum Cuties: Homeschool Activity Book

This worksheet with the apples is from our A week.  (Don't mind the crazy hair, she slept with braids in and wouldn't let me take them out.)  It's part of an entire curriculum you can get from Confessions of a Homeschooler called Letter of the Week.  I highly recommend it if you have a preschooler.  When you buy the program you get everything in PDF format ready to print out.  She even sends lesson plans for the entire alphabet that corresponds to all of her worksheets.  So awesome!  

I also have a Homeschool Pinterest board that you can follow here to see other awesome websites and sources I've used  before.  Happy homeschooling!

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