Thursday, February 11, 2016

Sew Yourself Some Love (Round 2)

SYSL: Sugarplum Cuties

Me again!  Back at it on the Sew Yourself Some Love tour, and I'm super excited for this one!  If I'm being real, 95% of my life is spent at home with my kids.  I'm usually barely awake, drinking coffee, gathering books and activities, reading to my kids, homeschooling, potty training, cooking, cleaning, and doing all the other glamorous mommy things every single day of my life.  Mostly, I don't wear real people clothes.  That said, I'm tired of the same pair of black lounge pants and random 5 year old t-shirt so super worn with holes and stains from painting the house.  I'm convinced that it's entirely possible to wear lounge clothes and still feel like you're making an effort.  I want my husband to come home to the woman he married rather than some shriveled existence of her.  So, I decided to do something about that frumpy "mom wardrobe" and I challenged myself to make something comfortable and cute.

I knew Patterns for Pirates Boyfriend V-neck Shirt was going to be an awesome foundation.  I have a gazillion other Patterns for Pirates sewing patterns so I already know what to expect as far as fit and how her patterns are put together.  The first v-neck I made was actually my muslin.  I always need to add about 2'' to shirt patterns, and I never know how it'll turn out.  I'm 5'8'', so I'm taller than the average bear.  I used some super thin (i.e. cheap) random navy jersey I found in the sewing room thinking it would be a throw away.  I was wrong.  I love the loose fit of this shirt, and how it drapes!

So, I went even further and decided to personalize my top even more.  I designed this graphic and used my Silhouette Cameo to cut it out and iron it on!  Now, I've got a snarky little tee that makes me happy whenever I walk by the mirror.  I can make my hundreds in my sewing room while wearing this tee and maybe one day I'll be able to upgrade to the "thousandaire" shirt. :)  And guess what?! I made a coupon code just for the SYSL blog tour readers so you can make your own snarky tee shirts.  Head to my Etsy shop where you can get 20% anything at all using the code "SEWLOVE."  Yippee!

Sugarplum Cuties: Boyfriend V-Neck

I loved my first v-neck so much that I made another one.  This time, out of some Ponte Knit from Girl Charlee.  I'm a sucker for every single floral fabric I've ever seen, and this one with the coral and black is so cute!  I'm dreaming so hard of spring right now, and I can't wait to wear these colored jeans for real.  The pattern includes two different neckband techniques, and I tried them both to see which one I liked better.  I also love the sleeve length options, and the option to add a cute little pocket to the shirt too.

Sugarplum Cuties: Portlander Pants

I paired my navy bf v-neck with these FANTASTIC Terra's Treasures Portlander Pants.  In my opinion, all of Terra's patterns are seriously underrated.  She creates high quality patterns that result in such wonderfully fitting clothes.

Sugarplum Cuties: Portlander Pants

These pants have an option drawstring that you can add (I skipped it because I didn't have anything on hand).  The waistband is a simple fold over (or not if you want more tummy control).  I made no mods to these pants at all.  The fit is snug around my booty and upper thigh with an awesome flare out down below the knee.  I made mine out of a french terry for optimum comfort, and I just love the way they're fitted and not sloppy looking.  I've got plans for more Portlanders ASAP.  I can totally see them at the pool or even in a stretch linen-look fabric for the spring and summer.  Nothing like some easy pants to round out your closet.

Here are all of the pattern details

Patterns for Pirates Boyfriend V-Neck

  • Semi-fitted
  • Short Sleeve, 3/4 roll up with button tab sleeve, and long sleeve (with or without cuffs) options
  • Shirt and tunic lengths
  • Shirt pocket option
  • 2 different tutorials on doing the v-neck band
  • Tips and tricks for sewing with knit fabrics
  • XXS - 3X
  • Fitted through the booty and upper thighs, flared at the knee
  • Tall control panel waistband (can also be folded down like a yoga waistband)
  • Drawstring option
  • Lengthen and shorten lines and tutorials
  • If you join Terra's Facebook Group there's a special code for $3 off!


  1. Aren't the floral knits from Girl Charlee just AMAZING! Adore how your v-necks came out and the Portlander pants look like they fit really well and are just comfy.

  2. looking great - and I love your designs!!!!


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