Kirsten DeWitt is the owner, editor, designer, and creative mind behind Sugarplum Cuties (SPC).  After going to college and graduating with a degree in accounting, she got married, moved to Florida and started her accounting career with a job in auditing.  Soon after, her first baby Rylea was born, and Kirsten became a stay at home mommy.  Teaching herself to sew, it quickly became a hobby and then it turned into a business.  The business is named after her husband's nickname for their daughter, Sugarplum.

The Lord has  since blessed the DeWitt family since with a second baby, Dieter.  And a third baby, Gunner!  Now, Kirsten stays home with all 3 children homeschooling them and (hopefully) creating a heart for Jesus within them as well!

Today, Sugarplum has turned into a line of children's and adult clothing.  We also have a store full of graphic designs on Etsy, and Kirsten has also completed some freelance design work for local businesses as well.  We hope you are encouraged, loved, and inspired by this blog.  Enjoy the ride with us, would you?

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