Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Scripture Printable 1

I decided to start a series on here every Sunday.  I'll offer a free printable scripture verse for you to print out and frame or do whatever you want with it!  Pretty soon we'll have enough verses to cover a whole wall I hope.  So here's the first one.  1John 4:19 is one of Rylea's memory verses and I think it's an especially good one as Valentine's Day approaches.  I pray my children always know that Jesus loves them far more than I ever could, and He will never let them down no matter what.

Click on the picture and save it to your desktop to print out or click this link here for a higher quality version to print and use.  Happy Sunday!

Disclaimer & Terms of Use: This printable art was designed for personal use. Please do not share or redistribute this artwork or use for commercial purposes in any way without express written consent from me, Kirsten DeWitt.

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