Friday, January 15, 2016

Pattern Review: Sofilantjes Hibernis Cowl Shirt

Sugarplum Cuties: Hibernis Cowl Shirt

This past week I've been in testing for this super cute new shirt from Sofilantjes. I've never tested for Anne before, but I was part of her blog tour a little while back so I already knew what her patterns were like, and that she's a wonderful person to work with behind the scenes.  This pattern is on sale for just $5 for the next two days and you can grab one here!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LISTING PHOTO HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I jumped on the tester call as soon as I saw it posted.  You had me at princess seams and unique pockets; add in that big cowl and those shoulder tabs, and I'm so in.

Sugarplum Cuties: Hibernis Cowl Shirt

I was chosen to test and given option A (no pockets or princess seams) with short sleeves and the cowl.  I was a little nervous about the cowl because Rylea gets weird about scarves sometimes and I thought she'd hate it.  I was totally wrong.

Sugarplum Cuties: Hibernis Cowl Shirt

Not only does she love the cowl, but she's been wearing it with other shirts (thanks to those tabs that snap and unsnap), and she's been wearing it as a headband too because she's weird sometimes.

The trickiest thing about sewing my shirt up was the cowl.  Thankfully, Anne included written instructions, line drawings, photos, and a video all for that one part of the tutorial.  I had no problems with my cowl at all and the end result is very professional.

Sugarplum Cuties: Hibernis Cowl Shirt

I've got some super awesome fabric that I've set aside for another Hibernis for my girl.  This time we're going to do those fabulous pockets and seams!  I'm guessing there will be a million little Shopkins and Lalaloopsy Dolls hiding in there.

Sugarplum Cuties: Hibernis Cowl Shirt

The Hibernis Cowl Shirt is now ON SALE but only for 2 days so grab it now or you'll be kicking yourself later.  I highly recommend this pattern, and I'm looking forward to seeing all the awesome creativity in Sofilantjes group!

Sugarplum Cuties: Hibernis Cowl Shirt


  • Sizes 12m - 14y (80 - 164) 
  • Dutch and English versions
  • Layered pattern pieces
  • Line drawings/pictures/video tutorial
  • A4 and letter size trimless pattern pieces
  • View A: princess seams and pockets
  • View B: no pockets
  • Make the cowl with tabs or without
  • 3 different sleeve lengths (short, 3/4, long)
  • Banded hem


  1. Lovely, kids cam surprise you sometimes with their weird preferences :)

  2. Nothing weird about your girl. Aren't all girls like that? :)
    Great shirt you made!!!


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