Thursday, August 27, 2015

Silhouette Vinyl Projects

So, I've conquered the heat transfer vinyl cutting and heat pressing and all that good stuff, so I figured it was time to conquer a different kind of vinyl.

I was doing the dishes the other day and I broke a glass.  I'm notorious for that, and I'm the reason we don't have nice things.  I'm a glass/bowl/plate breaker.  No joke.  Turns out the glass I broke was one of my husband's favorite from college.  Perfect.

So, when we were grocery shopping the other day, I found these giant red "party cups" in the college dorm section (we live in a D1 college town) for only $.88.  I figured I'd use it for my first vinyl project and try to save face at the same time.

I had my kiddos write their names in black marker on a white sheet of computer paper, then I scanned the images in and traced them in the Silhouette Design Studio.  I created a cute "Best Daddy Ever" image and cut it all out with my machine.  Cleaned the cup with rubbing alcohol so it would be lint and dirt free and slapped it all on there.  Pretty easy!

I was feeling brave and decided to try a project for the house next.  I downloaded this arrow circle frame thing from the Design Store, and added the text and another arrow in the middle, and I put the whole thing on our front door.  It might be obnoxious, but hey, we're awesome AND obnoxious.

Now, I need to #vinylallthethings in my house!  What to do next....

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