Monday, August 25, 2014

All About Numbers

I made another set of printables for our home school this past week.  On the heels of our mystery coloring page, I also made these little All About Numbers books for Rylea and Dieter.  They love working on these.

I explained what initials were recently so Ry was trying out writing her name a new way here. ;)

I like to print my pages front and back to save paper.  Then, I have the kiddos complete all 8 frames on one sheet of paper.  We cut them out on the solid blue lines and staple all the pages together.  Then, she can always go back and look at her number books whenever she needs a refresher.  I also have her read her books to her little brother and she teaches him about numbers too.

Her favorite part is coloring in these little pictures.

There's also a spot for before and after numbers and tens.

This printable took me a pretty good chunk of time to finish so I'm offering this one for sale right here on the blog for just $3.00.  Just click on "buy now" to check out.  You'll get all the pages to make a book for every number from 11-20.

Sugarplum Cuties: All About Numbers 11-20

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