Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Perfect Puzzle Sew-A-Long: Constructing your Bodice

I hope you're having fun with this little sew-a-long we're doing with Hailey Bug's Closet The Perfect Puzzle Set!  Today, we'll be completing the patchwork on the bodice.  That means we'll be doing actual sewing!  Once all your pattern pieces are cut, you've done like 70% of the work, and now comes the good stuff!

Ok, so grab your tee shirt panel you squared up, and your side panels we cut.  If you're using a directional fabric like I am, pay attention to which end is up and then lie your panels and your tee right side together and sew up the sides where the red marks are in the picture

You're going to even up the top and bottom of your panels and then repeat the same steps now with the strips you cut for the top and bottom of your bodice (if you need them).  Once you have all your panels pieced on there you should have something that looks like this:

If you're using a serger, leave all those tails for now, they'll get chopped in later steps.  Fold your panel in half and match up your edges really well.

Grab your bodice pattern piece and lie it right on top of your fabric.  Line up the folded edge of your fabric with the edge of the pattern piece.

Trace the bodice piece onto your fabric.  Again, I use a handy dandy Sharpie and just draw right on that bad boy.  

Then cut on your traced line through both layers of fabric, and you're done creating your patchwork bodice!

If you have questions or need more pictures just head over to Hailey Bug's Closet Facebook Group!  I love seeing all the pictures everyone is posted of their own progress.  Keep up the good work and HAVE FUN!

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