Friday, July 18, 2014

The Perfect Puzzle Sew-A-Long: Attaching Top to Bodice

According to our handy-dandy schedule; today we're working on attaching the top and back to our bodice! Yahoo!  We're really going to see the top of our dress take shape today.  Don't forget, it's never too late to join in on the sew-a-long fun!  Just head over here to get the pattern for yourself!

So to review, you should have a bodice piece that looks something like mine here:

Now, you want to grab the empire top you cut for the front of your dress and find the center.  I marked my center with a pin but you can mark it with a Sharpie or a marker or whatever you want. (If you ever need to see a picture closer up, just click on it!)

Then you'll grab your bodice piece and mark the center of that too, I marked it with a pin here again.

Then flip your empire top piece over and match the two center points up with right sides together and pin it together.  Add as many pins as you need to keep everything all lined up and sew along the green lines in the picture.

Once you're done, your piece should look something like this:

Now grab your back piece and attach the top to the bodice again if you need to just like we did above.  Mine doesn't need anymore piecing so I just grab my back piece and lay it right side up.

Then I grab the front piece and put it on top with the wrong side up (so now, right sides are together).  You can stick a couple pins in the shoulder seams if you need to and then sew along the green lines.

Once it's all sewn up it'll look like this (you can leave those serger tails, they'll get cut off when we sew the sleeves on).

Easy as pie!  Meet me back here on July 20th for sleeves!!  As always, you can find me in Hailey Bug's Closet FB Group, or in the Sugarplum Cuties FB Group.  Post progress pics, ask questions, hang out!

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