Monday, March 11, 2013

Dresses, Furry Boots, School and Mickey Mouse

I just finished up my designer day upload on Facebook!  Man that was so much fun.  I love it when I get to follow through on all the designs that are in my head without any restraints.  My favorite dress that I did was this one

Sugarplum Cuties: Pop Superhero Dress

It turned out so colorful and bright and lively!  There's a little girl out there that's going to get to rock this beauty very soon!

I was so blessed to have been invited and included in the designer day festivities with some of the most top notch designers I've seen.  To even have been considered among them is humbling.  I've been seriously designing and sewing these clothes for less than an year, and God has really just opened up doors to me in so many ways.  I'm so thankful to get to know amazing women over the internet and some even in person too!  It's been such an amazing experience!

While most of my week has been consumed with picking out shirts, auditioning fabrics, cutting, and sewing, we did do other stuff too! :)

Rylea, Dieter and I all got our hair cut together.  It was Ry's first time getting her hair washed in the bowl and she loved it.

She was clearly very relaxed.  She said it tickled a little bit and she liked that she never got water in her eyes like she does in the bath and shower.  This was Ry's second haircut in her 3.5 year life.

She sat perfectly still and showed us how her hair looked just like a princess when she was done.  Little D was a different story.  I had to sit him on my lap for him to get his done which was so weird.  He's had his hair cut every 6 weeks for about a year now and he's never had to sit in my lap like that.  But since he was having a mini meltdown, I didn't get any pictures of him.

We also got to go outside a little bit this week because it was a little warmer than normal.  We are READY for spring!  I'm ready to pack these babies up and store them for the summer.

Furry boots circa 2006, Walmart
We also spent some time at school this week!  My mom in law is a 3rd grade teacher, and we went over to the school with her after hours so I could help her with some decorating stuff and the kids love to go over there and write on the boards, read books, and cause general chaos.

D caught in mid smile. They were playing with snap cubes.

Making messes!
All in all, another happy week for us here in the SPC family!  The good news is there's only 30 more days left until the Mr. makes it home to us.  The bad news is he gets sprayed in the face with pepper spray this coming week as part of his training.  Yikes for him, but we're in the home stretch!

Oh, and this has nothing to do with anything, but Rylea drew a picture of Mickey Mouse.

Clearly, she's an artist.  I hope you had a good week too!

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  1. The gorgeous superhero dress pictured here, did you make it? If yes where did you find the fabric? I'm due with my second girl in November and would love to make some gorgeous outfits with cool geeky fabric :)


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