Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ain't Nobody Got Time For That!

Since Mr. SPC has been away going through his Coast Guard schooling he's had a teeny bit of bad luck.  Ok, really, we don't believe in luck or happenstance or coincidence or whatever you want to call it, but some crazy things have happened to him.

A couple weeks after he got there, he managed to tear all the muscles in his thigh.  You know, the quad and the hamstring and whatever the muscles on the sides are called.

Source: Google

He had to have stem and ultrasound treatments daily and then some heating and icing and he wore a compression sleeve thing on his thigh to help him heal.  He ends every day with a really intense workout. Either cross-fit or a pool workout or some kind of PT test closes out his day, so he had to work through all the thigh issues.  Take a break in a military workout because you're in pain?  Ain't nobody got time for that!  Thankfully, just today, he got through his workout at full intensity and his leg is much better.  Great news!

But, before he made it over the leg thing, he was in the pool last week doing a workout that involved swimming with bricks.  Really?  The military is no joke right?  They had to drop their bricks in the water, swim to the bottom (I think he said it was a 12 foot pool), retrieve their bricks and then tread water while holding the bricks over their heads.  Then they had to repeat the whole cycle over again.  Well, our Mr dropped his brick in the water, dived down to get it and then someone else near him in the pool dropped his brick and it parked itself right on top of my sweet man's head.  That's right, he got hit in the head with a brick while swimming under water.  Odd.

Not my husband, just a picture I Googled.

The poor man that hit him dived down right away and pulled Mr. SPC right up out of the water, praise the Lord for him.  Mr. SPC was OK, just a bit dazed I think, and he actually didn't know what happened he only knew that his head hurt.  He showed us his head the day after it happened over Skype and he had a pretty good dent in there and a big bump.  He had a sore head for a few days but other than that, he's fine.

He's got 29 more days left, and I'm praying those days are filled with safe training and a level-headed focus.  My man has been doing such a great job on all his tests and qualifications (he scored the highest in his class on the rifle and qualified at an expert level), and we can't wait to see him home and hopefully, Lord willing, in one, healthy piece.  Maybe I can call his instructors and request that he finish his time there while wrapped in bubble wrap.  That should do the trick!


  1. I love the way you write - so funny! Even something painful you turn into something lite hearted and comical - bless you!

  2. Wow, That's Great Idea for remember any things...


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