Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dieter the (almost) Dwarf

Today marks 22 weeks pregnant.  Wahoo!!!  That means we're just that much closer to meeting this tiny little man.  I had an ultrasound and a checkup today so the kids and I all made the trip to see the midwife.  Turns out the midwife had to make a quick exit for a delivery, but I was able to see a different doctor while we were there.

There's our little man hanging out.  The ultrasound tech commented on how much he moves.  No kidding.  He's a mover alright, just like my other two babies were.  Never a dull moment down there in the womb.  It's like a party in there.

The old belly is measuring at 24 weeks and the doc said, "Hey, you might get a baby that hits the 7 pound mark."  Haha.  My babies are tiny.  They were born at just over 6 pounds each, and they're still tiny.  Tiny kids.  Tiny tiny.  If this baby hits 7 pounds I'll be thoroughly surprised.

All the measurements were great during the ultrasound and little man has hit the 1 pound mark himself while his mom has gained a few more than just 1 pound.  Actually though, I was told I should be gaining more weight, and I need to "eat more snacks."  You know it's a good day when someone tells you to eat more and get fatter.  Yes ma'am.

The best news of all is that this baby has 10 fingers and 10 toes.  At our ultrasound last month, the tech and midwife diagnosed the baby as being polydactyl.  Which is a fancy word that meant that our little boy had one extra finger on each hand.  After doing a bunch of research and finding out that this was a genetic disease that ran in families, I called a bunch of family members and asked if anyone had that in our family.  Everyone said no, so I was a little confused and suspicious, but really not nervous or wary at all.  I prayed about it a few times and really felt a peace about the whole situation.  (Thanks God!) So, at this follow up ultrasound I was not surprised when we were all able to count 5 fingers on each hand and no extras showing up anywhere.  God is so good to us.

Wanna hear something else weird?  Dieter was supposed to be a dwarf (their words, not mine so don't write me letters about being politcally correct please).  We had an ultrasound with him and they told us his arms and legs were too short in comparison to his body and that he was most likely going to be born a dwarf.  After spending a month researching and sweating that one out, we were told at a follow up scan that nothing was wrong and he was completely normal.  What is it with people giving us fake baby scares?  Anyway, I'm happy to report Dieter is not a dwarf and our 3rd baby has 10 fingers.

So, here I am today at 22 weeks after our yucky drive in sleet and rain.  Still truckin' along.  :)  Happy Tuesday friends!

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