Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Susan "Baby Guns" DeWitt

I swear, naming this baby is never going to happen. Between the Mr being away and us not getting to talk very often it's so hard to sit down and discuss potential boy names. It bothers me that this baby doesn't have a name. The kids are calling him Susan. Seriously, Susan. Here's how it went down in Old Navy the other day:

Me: Hey guys, there's a baby sale.  Lets see if we can find something for your baby brother.
Rylea: You mean the one in your belly?
Me: Yep, the baby boy in my belly, he's going to need some clothes.
Dieter: Yeah, Susan.  Baby Susan needs clothes.
Rylea: Yeah mom, I think Susan would like that one.

I'll never understand my kids and their affinity for the name Susan.  Maybe it's because of this movie character


Anyway, Mr. SPC has his own ideas on the baby's name.  Actually only one idea.  It's Gunner.  And, his entire argument for the name Gunner centers around the possible nicknames.  Let me just bullet point them here for you:

  • Guns
  • Gun
  • Baby Guns
  • Gunnie
  • Gunsie
  • Shotgun
I'm not even kidding.  You can't make this stuff up.  Can you tell he's a military man?  Can you tell he's been immersed in guns everyday for many hours for the past month?  It's infiltrating my whole life.  To be fair, I don't totally hate the name Gunner.  But I do hate the idea that my husband will be saying, "Oh shotgun, I love you," at some point.  No thanks.

My favorite name is Beckett.  A nice name that has nothing to do with guns.  I'm even willing to compromise with Beckett Gunner.  He tells me he's willing to compromise with Gunner Beckett.  My guess is that we're both going to lose our favorites and settle on something entirely different.  Or, maybe I'll lose entirely and the kids will win.  Oh dear, I certainly hope this boy doesn't end up Susan "Baby Guns" DeWitt.


  1. Susan is a great boy name...haven't you ever heard of "A boy named Sue"? ;) Just kidding! Much luck in your search for a boy name! When we found out our second child was going to be a boy, we had some work to do. A girl name was easily chosen, not so much with a boy name. I finally downloaded a baby name app for my phone that had a "random" feature and we just kept hitting the random button and reading the name that came up. If it was a name we both agreed on, we checked the meaning (name meanings are important to me) and if we still liked it, it went on the "favorites" list and we pulled his name together from there! :)

    1. Thanks for the tip!! I just downloaded that app. I'm sure I'll be immersed in it very soon :)

  2. My dear friend.....here is the real dilemma....His nickname will be "Guns" or "Gunner" or any of the above 'bullet' points NO MATTER WHAT YOU NAME HIM!" I have a feeling his nickname is set.

    I actually really like Beckett Gunner....it's original, but not weird ;) And, he can still be called "Gunny" (which I think is a nickname for a sharp shooter, right?)

    1. Would you mind sending the hubs a personal email in support of Beckett? Kinda like writing a letter to your senator? Haha :) Thanks for keeping it real Michele, you might be right on the nickname thing!

  3. Yes, I would be happy to petition him for your sake....however, I have a feeling he cares very little about what I think ;)


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