Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pattern Review: Jaden T-Shorts Pattern

Well, I figure if I'm going to have another baby boy in a couple of months that I need to get better at sewing for boys.  And, since I've had this particular pattern for months and hadn't tried it out yet, I figure now is as good a time as any.   You can use the pattern and turn t shirts into a pair of shorts, or you can get some yardage like I did and make a pair from scratch.

I bought some of this fabric just a couple of days ago and it got here really quickly.  Can't beat the price!  This fabric is soooo soft.  Very very soft.  It's an awesome quality and I'd recommend it for sure.

Armed with my LilyGiggle shorts pattern, and my fabric, and my poster board pattern (see more about that here), I made little D man a pair of shorts in about 30 minutes start to finish.  I love these little shorts.  The fit is great, the length is great, and it was really easy to follow.  All LilyGiggle patterns I've used are such a high quality, well written, and are really just awesome in general.

Sugarplum Cuties: T-Shorts

I love that this pattern calls for a separate waistband because it allowed me to add some blue in there making these shorts much more appealing to my little blue-loving boy.  If there's blue in it, he's all for it.

I finished the hem of the shorts with a double stitch, which I think makes them look more finished.

Sugarplum Cuties: T-Shorts

My fabric part about this fabric is the inside.  It's a french terry so that means the reverse side is kinda like a soft bath towel.

Sugarplum Cuties: T-Shorts

If you're looking for an awesome pattern for boys (and these could totally be done in a girly way too), head on over to LilyGiggle and grab her Jaden T-Shorts Pattern.  It rocks.

P.S. This is not a paid post and I was never asked to review this pattern.  I just liked it and thought I would share.  :)

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