Thursday, January 31, 2013

Coast Guard Duty and a Dress Sneak Peek

Sad sad day in Sugarplumland today.  My sweet Mr. SPC is heading off to the Coast Guard for the next 9 weeks.  We woke the kids up at 7 this morning to make the drive to the airport to drop him off for his morning flight.  The kids usually don't get up until around 9 so getting them up at 7 meant we were met with a couple grumpy buns for a bit there.  But, we made it there and said our goodbyes and we just made it back.

Being a military family is something special.  It's really just amazing to see my husband accept his duties so readily, and even with the threat of a year long deployment someday in the future, he is still willing to lay his life down for the lives of many others.  He serves us at home everyday, and serves his country at the same time.  I just can't thank God enough for the man he made for me, and the man he has allowed me to fall in love with.

Mr. SPC and my Dad at Boot Camp Graduation last January.

In just shy of 70 days we'll be going back to pick him up on his birthday.  If all goes well, he'll be one rank higher in the USCG and he'll be one year older!  In the mean time, we'll Skype a lot, pray for him a lot, and miss him a lot.  I'll also be sewing a lot and trying to keep my mind and hands busy to pass the time quicker.  I've currently got a spring dress in the works that I'll be offering very soon.  It's out for photos now, and once I get those back and make sure I get a bunch of these sewn up, I'll make the listing live.  For now, here is a tiny sneak peek to tide you over until I get the real pictures back.


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