Saturday, May 10, 2014

Happy 30th Birthday Devin!

Devin turned 30 on April 10th!!!  I can't even believe it.  My main man.  30.  When we started dating he was 22.  Um, what?  What just happened?  Mind = blown.

We had a little family party for him the weekend before his birthday because on his actual birthday he had to accept a million pieces of gym equipment because he was about to open his new Planet Fitness.  But, I still wanted to do something special for him on his actual birthday so the kids and I made cupcakes that morning after he went to work.  Purple and yellow with sprinkles of course.

We brought them to him at work and then came home to work on the second surprise of the day which involved me blowing up 30 balloons throughout the course of the day.  Less than fun.  I made little note cards in picmonkey and numbered them from 1-30.

I printed them all out on cardstock and cut them out and then the kids an I all thought of 30 reasons why we love Devin.  Rylea wrote some and I wrote some and we helped Dieter write some and then we rolled all those little notes up and put them into 30 different deflated balloons and then I blew them up, knotted them and threw them all over the house.

I wish I had a picture of the balloons but I forgot.  When Devin got home the kids were oozing with excitement to pop all the balloons so daddy could read his notes.  Devin had a sharp object and the kids would throw the balloons into the air and Devin would pop them. (Be safe friends.)  Super fun, and now Devin has 30 little notes that we're going to laminate and bind for him so he can always remember how much we love him.

I'm hoping that when I turn 30 in another 6 months that no one will notice.  I can't possibly be that old yet.

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