Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day Recap and a Belly Pic

Did you have a great Valentine's Day yesterday?  We sure did!  I missed my precious husband of course, but he still made us all feel so loved from afar, and we filled our day with fun stuff too.

First, the kids got up in the morning and found their goodies from mommy and daddy, some new shoes, some candy, a Wonder Woman and a Buzz Lightyear juice bottle, and new crown and princess jewelry and a helium balloon.

Then, we went to the kitchen to eat some breakfast and we found even more surprises from Mamaw and Papaw (one of the perks of living with your grandparents)!  A new Lalaloopsy purse, a monster truck, some more candy, a Valentine's card, some new Scooby cereal, and some fruit snacks.

Then we spent our day playing with our new goodies and eating far too much candy until we heard a knock at the door with a giant flower bouquet for mommy!

I can't wait until these 18 little pink and white rose buds bloom.  They already smell awesome and Rylea was beside herself with excitement thinking about how her daddy sent some roses to her mommy, she was so impressed.

Then a little later, there was another knock at the door. It was that little tower next to the flowers in the first picture.  A little tower of all things chocolate.  Does my husband know me perfectly or what?  All varieties of dark chocolates: covered pretzels, covered graham crackers, truffles, and even some chocolate chip cookies.  The PERFECT gift for a pregnant me on Valentine's Day when the hubs and I couldn't be together.  He just loves me so well, I'm so grateful for the man God created just for me!

A little later in the day when it was time for dinner, Cali and her little babies came over to visit us and we exchanged some more Valentine goodies and had a movie night.  Here's all the kiddos all camped out on the floor with some popcorn watching Peter Pan:

Super cute little lounging cousins!  Ayden in his awesome John Deere hat, Rylea next to him, Jaelynn lounging with Simba, and Dieter rocking his Batman jammies.

Oh and Valentine's day marked week 19 of pregnancy for me, and since the hubs asked to see some belly pictures so he can be a part of the progress still, here's a little bump action to tide everyone over.  Oh, and my new camera in there too.

I hope you all were as blessed by Valentine's Day as we were near and afar.  Lets not forget the reason we all love each other, "We love because he first loved us." -1 John 4:19

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  1. How sweet is Mr. Sugarplum!! You look amazing, love the bump!!


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