Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Big Gender Reveal

Yesterday was my 18 week ultrasound and appointment for the month, and that means it was the doc appointment where we got to find out the sex of the baby too.

Since Mr. SPC is away right now and couldn't join in on the ultrasound festivities, I had the ultrasound tech let me know when she was going to check the area, and I looked away while she printed a picture and wrote the sex down.  Then, she put the picture in an envelope and sealed it up and I took it home with me.

I didn't want to find out what the baby was without the Mr. there, so I waited until he got off duty and we called him on Facetime and opened the envelope "together."  We found out at the same time and I'm pretty sure it was the next best thing to seeing it in person together.  Thank God for modern technology!

Can you guess what the baby is just by the look on my military man's face???  P.S. That's my sis in law Cali, and me in that little window down there (and the top of Dieter's head).

So, what's your guess?

Did you guess girl???

Well, you'd be dead wrong if you did.

That's right.  The girls are officially outnumbered here in Sugarplumland.  I see visions of more trains, more superheros, more cars, and more dirt in my near future.  We're praising God for our little bundle, and we're super excited to meet him and "show him the Hulk" as Dieter said.  Now, let the naming begin!


  1. Congratulations on your new little man, and I DID guess right, rofl.

  2. Couldn't be more excited for you all!!! We praise God for this sweet, little guy and will be praying for a continued healthy pregnancy!!! Congratulations!!!


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