Monday, February 18, 2013

It's All About Me

Ok, seriously, when you're a mom it can never be all about you.  It's just impossible.  I don't know about you guys, but my kids follow me every.single.minute.  I'm never alone.  Not alone in the shower or the bathroom even.  Especially not the bathroom.  What is it?  It's like I have an audience every time I go potty.  Sometimes I even get a round of applause and a "good job mommy" from my little man who is so encouraging when it comes to potty time.


But, I do have a Pinterest board with all the sewing projects I'd love to complete for myself if I ever get some random free time or a solo vacation or something.  So, in essence, these things will most likely never happen.  Haha.  I'm so thankful I'm so wrapped up in my family that I don't have time for myself though, really.  I just love my husband and my kids so much and I love having them in my life every single day.  (I also love that I have people to talk to when I'm sitting on the potty).  So, I thought I'd share some of those "someday" projects with you and maybe I'll hold myself accountable for doing something for me sometime.

Travel Duffle Pattern
I absolutely love the look of this duffle bag.  They remind me of Vera Bradley a little bit and I would love to make myself one so I could travel in style.

at second street maxi dress tutorial
This maxi dress is awesome.  I love that it's not a halter or a tube top and it's totally cute and modest.  I also love that I could make one to fit my little pregnant bump and I could probably wear it throughout my pregnancy by just making it a few inches longer.  Her tutorial is awesome and easy to follow too!

Linda Eve: Tutorial - necktie bracelet

These bracelets are genius.  They're so unique and cute and girly, and made out of a man's tie.  I could see hitting up Goodwill or any other thrift store for some ties to make these.  Seems like a quick enough and easy project, you could probably even make some for friends as gifts.  Awesome.

Little Birdie Secrets: Kindle/Nook case tutorial
I have a Kindle Touch.  I love to read.  I'm a horrible sleeper and sometimes the only thing that will help me fall asleep is reading a good book at night.  I read a lot.  I don't have a case for my Kindle, but I need one and this tutorial is great.  I love that she uses a zipper to keep it closed because if I'm honest with you, I've got a million ridiculous things in my purse (serioulsy ridiculous, but that's another post entirely) that could scratch up my Kindle and damage it.  Super cute!

Sweet Verbana: "It's a Cinch" Bag tutorial
Ok, I've read this tutorial on her blog like at least 10 times.  I love love love love this bag so much. It's so BIG.  I have to have a big bag.  Bigger is better when it comes to purses for me.  I really want this bag, and I've had it pinned forever.  By the way, her blog totally rocks, stick around there for a while and read some of her other posts.  So talented!

What are some things you'd love to do for yourself if you had the time/energy/patience?

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  1. Love LOVE the bracelets and Kindle carrier ;) I would totally rock them


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